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Are you looking for a ministry that believes in the raising up of sons and daughters, wants to see the Kingdom of God expand, and truly has a heart for Kingdom family? Well, if you are, you're in the right place! At Ascend Retreats, we are passionate about seeing the Joel 2:28 generation be raised up, encouraged, equipped, and sent forth. 

We minister to youth, grades 6-12, through worship, word, and prophetic art that connects with them on their level. We want them to encounter the presence and glory of God that causes them to leave different than they were before. 

If you're hungry for revival, want to see sons and daughters on fire for the Lord, and see this generation chase after Jesus, connect with us below!

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Tj has a passion to see a generation set on fire for Jesus! Through travel ministry, he is able to reach a larger part of that generation. If you would like to invite Tj to speak at services, conferences, revivals, etc. instructions are below! We can't wait to advance the Kingdom of God with you!

To invite Tj, send an email to We ask that the subject line is "Invite Request" and that all the event details are contained in the email. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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