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Sowing into Good Soil

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At Ascend Retreats, we truly appreciate and honor every seed sown! We know that, without you, some things wouldn't be possible. Every penny of your gift will go to supporting the retreat! This includes things like food, facility cost, sponsorships, and all the things we provide during the weekend. We are honored and grateful that you have sown into good soil!

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Here at Ascend Retreats, we have several ways you can give. They're fast and easy to use, too! Below are some ways you can sow. 

  1. PayPal. You can give via PayPal! Find us using our username @ascendretreats

  2. Venmo. You can also give via Venmo through our username @ascendretreat

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The Jacob Henry Memorial Ascend Scholarship

The Jacob Henry Memorial Ascend Scholarship assures that all students of all socioeconomic backgrounds get to attend Ascend Retreats. It is our heart that every student who has a desire to come and be a part gets to, regardless of what may currently be stopping them.

It takes approximately $150.00 to sponsor one student. If you would like to sponsor through the Jacob Henry Memorial Ascend Scholarship, you can do so through the link below. 

*When you click the link, please put Jacob Henry Memorial in the description. This allows us to know where to put the funds. Thank you!*

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