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The Testimony of Jesus

What’s up everyone?! I’m back with another blog post and I hope you are ready to receive it. I believe that this word will change the way you think about the works and words of our Savior Jesus Christ. Let’s get into the passage and break down what I believe the Spirit revealed to me.

One of my favorite worship songs right now is “I thank God” by Maverick City Music. The whole song just simply blesses me, but I want to direct your attention to one phrase. They begin to worship with these words, “The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. That means what He did for another, He can do it again.” What if I told you that prophetic utterance was scripture? What would your mindset be if you could claim it as a promise, instead of just hoping for it as a powerful worship utterance?

In Revelation 19:10 (The Passion Translation) it says: At this I fell facedown at the angel’s feet to worship him, but he stopped me and said, “Don’t do this! For I am only a fellow servant with you and one of your brothers who clings to what Jesus testifies. Worship God. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy! What Jesus speaks to us through His words and life is far more powerful than we realize! We are willing and ready to accept His words as life. We accept that His miracles are real and speak to us of the power, authority and divinity of Christ and exist as proof that He was the Son of God. However, I believe that just as His words and teachings grant us access to promises and an inheritance as sons and daughters of God; in the same way His testimony (the actions, life and miracles of Christ) grant us a solid foundation of faith on which we can stand.

Christ raised the dead. Not only does that mean that He can raise this mortal body, but it means that every hope, dream, goal, time, sleepless night, tear shed, heart broken, relationship lost, moment of depression, suicidal thought, regretted sexual encounter, broken promise, mental wound, emotional scar, or financial gift that is sacrificed on the altar of faith in the Word of God and left there for dead has a promise attached to it. What am I saying? Anything you think is dead may only be sleeping. Yes, the divorce may be final, but the relationship may not be dead. The dreams you were willing to let die so that you could serve God may not stay dead; they may just be waiting for the voice of Jesus to call them out of the grave they have been wrapped up in. The testimony of Jesus speaks to us a hope and promise. Those things that appear to be dead may only be sleeping!

Christ healed the sick. This is a hard subject. We know what the word speaks but we so often don’t see what we believe. Over the years the most destructive explanation has been, “If it didn’t happen then you didn’t believe. You didn’t have enough faith.” How heart breaking and crushing. Why can’t we as the people of God just be honest. We don’t understand why God doesn’t heal everyone. We don’t know how people, who love God, die of diseases and cancer. What I can say is that I may not be able to answer that question, but I know what the testimony of Jesus speaks and I choose to believe and hold to that, despite the questions. Christ created a pathway for us to walk in. Jesus left us a testimony to put our trust in. The doctor’s report may have been given, but there has been a better word spoken. The body may be showing all evidence of sickness, but there is a Savior who with one touch cured those with an incurable disease. The noise of your anxiety may be roaring loudly in your mind, but there is a lion of the tribe of Judah that roars louder. The suicidal thoughts may be stronger than ever before, but the testimony of Jesus says He died so that you could live. Your marriage may be broken and seem beyond repair, but there is a God who can look at a woman of five husbands and still offer a drink of living water. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.

Christ did life with people that society cast off. You are wanted by God. No matter your past or present, Christ speaks a better future over your life. This is the Jesus that ate with sinners, the unclean, and the unwanted. He dined with tax collectors. Why is that significant? Because they were thieves! These were representatives of the Roman government that collected the money from the populace. The problem was not their job, it was how they did it. There was rampant corruption. They would not only collect the taxes, but add fake fees and costs that they would put into their own pockets. These people were despised by society. Yet, Christ chooses to walk into their houses and offer a better way to live. Jesus’ own disciples, the people he spent more time with than anyone else, were not the educated, religious or rich; they were the simple, imperfect and willing. The testimony of Jesus is that anyone, anywhere, no matter where the come from, or where they have been; can come to the table of Jesus and begin a new journey with the one who loves them more than life. Don’t let mistakes keep you from Jesus. It doesn’t matter where you were last year, last month or last night. I don’t care who’s bed you were in, what substance may have been present in your body, how drunk you may have been, or how many people you may have hurt. There is room for you at the feet of Jesus. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy. That means what He did for another, He can do it again!

Friend, I hope you find a new level of faith today. Walk in the power of the testimony of Jesus. Have faith to believe for what you think is impossible. If He did it once, He can do it again and He can do it for you!

Keep Ascending,

TJ Oakley

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