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Meet the people who make it happen!

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Founders & Event Administrators

TJ and Sarah are the founders and event administrators of Ascend. They function as evangelists and it is their heart's greatest desire that all students and leaders who come to Ascend would live with the fire of God dwelling inside them. It is their vision and their heart that these groups leave different than how they came.

Team: Staff


Worship Leader

Our worship leader, Monica Bachelor, has been married to Adam Bachelor for 12 years. They have two beautiful children together named Evie and Finn. Monica’s heart is to see sons and daughters of the Father step into worship like never before. To bring worship to their homes, schools and jobs and be the spark that ignites all over the world!



Creations & Social Media Director

Gabby is the oldest daughter of founders, TJ and Sarah. She graduated in 2022 with her diploma in Kingdom Leadership and has come alongside her parents to further the Kingdom of God. Since 2021, Gabby has served Ascend as our Creations and Social Media Director. Her heart is to see the sons and daughters of God be raised up within the nations to declare His glory and might!

Team: Staff
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